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Who would you date?
Baro! my main bias.. I'll called him oppa walaupun saya tahu dia tak nak fans dia panggil dia oppa disebabkan faktor umur..haha don't worry oppa, i'm younger than you..>_<

Your Favourite scenario(s)

I've post it before.. time ni CNU oppa dah tukar rambut..omo~ kacaknya
nak tengok entry panjang tu, SINI

A special note to your bias(s)

To Baro: I'll called you Oppa forever wherenever you like it or not.*paksa*
Neol! Don't ever called me Nuna..haha tak romantic langsung* BTW, stay to be cute rapper in my heart and Bana(s)

To Gongchan: Stay to be maknae..I love your smile *after CNU* don't be rude to your hyung(s) *ok, dah macam mak dia dah* Last but not least, don't do plastic surgery to your cute face..;)

A special to the group

To B1A4: Be a Cool Rookies Group ever! Don't forget your loyal BANA (me), and I wish I can meet you when my pocket are not thin anymore.. I wish I can meet you guys. . Please *fairy godmother*

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