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Alalala cutenye
  • Nickname: Squirrel, Baramji (T/N: Daramji is squirrel in Korean, so they switched out the da for Ba as in Baro), Alvin from ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’_
  • 92 lines, same age friends with sandeul
  • Known for his Famous Catch Phrase “Yallu~”
  • Known for his Trademark “Caps”
  • International Fans Gave him the Nickname “HamBaro” for resembling a Cute Hamster/Hamtaro
  • Participated in making all the Rap for all the songs in their 1st Mini Album
  • Likes Running
  • DOB 05 September 1992
  • younger than Sandeul
  • Baro is the energizer and vitamin-like figure in B1A4
  • He’s the only boy who has B-blood-type in team.
  • He used to not care about small things back then.
  • but after being with his A type members, they make time to gather and talk with each other once and week and he thinks his blood type is slowly becoming similar to theirs
  • It was hard for Baro to wake up early and get ready fro school coz of the long distance between their dorm and his school.
  • but Baro still diligently went to school although the dormitory has about a 2 hour distance from his school
  • Baro said his school life was fun
  • B1A4 company told Baro not to forget the duties as a student.
  • he overflows with energy anywhere
  • He is also lively
  • he quickly loses his energy by the afternoon
  • he had a burning will of wanting to have an all-night concert with their fans one time
  • The infinite energizer, who wants to jump around like crazy with fans while performing all night and rest a bit when he’s tired, then perform again and enjoy the music and stage
  • If there’s a person he loves, he plans to gift them a rose and write lyrics for that person then rap it to them
  • Baro freely creates beatboxes
  • he’s a talented person who can make any sound that’s possible to create with one’s mouth
  • Baro also took on all the rap making for Let’s Fly album.
  • Baro is so respects says he is still lacking and wishes to learn rap skills from Tiger JK senior
  • He’s so respects Tiger JK senior
  • When baro was a trainee, he approached U-Know Yunho for an autograph.
  • Baro’s hometown is same with DBSK Yunho, Gwangju.
  • DBSK’s Yunho wrote “Let’s meet on stage in 2 years’ time” for Baro’s autographed CD
  • Yunho actually remembered Baro
  • They met again on Baro’s debut stage in Mucore~
  • Baro has his voice as an instrument.
  • He can do Bigbang’s ‘Haru haru’ and Supreme team’s ‘dang dang dang’ rap so good
  • He and Gongchan were guesting in OMS 2 last episodes
  • His mother cried after she watched B1A4 music video.
  • the mood-maker of the group
  • His father played the guitar in an indie band when he was in Baro’s age
  • His mother also had dreams of becoming a celebrity
  • They have given him great support to achieve their dreams.
  • got casted by chance through song and rap videos that he uploaded on to the Internet
  • caps are an artificial body part for him 
  • he’ll feel uncomfortable all day and unconfident without wear a cap.
  • he always wore caps ever since he was young.
  • It’s been almost 3 years since he have been in a relationship
  • He wrote and recorded O.K while wondering ‘how much would my heart flutter if I had a girlfriend?’
  • A picture of him on the Internet received a record-high number of hits.
  • he received an offer for an audition from his current agency.
  • His hobby is listening to music.
  • He got the thoughts of wanting to be a singer when he went to watch Tiger JK’s concert.
  • Baro is the most certain of himself.
  • He speaks out his thoughts very confidently and to the point.
  • Baro love ‘sushi’. Conveyor-belt sushi!
  • He want to hold a concert in Japan and he’d also like to watch the scramble crossing in Shibuya.
  • Baro want to meet japanese professional golfer Ishikawa Ryo (coz his Japanese teacher said that they’re look alike, so he really want to meet him.) -,-
  • Baro likes to watch American rapper LilWayne’s newest video recently.
  • If they  could have a psychic power, Baro wanna have the power to fly into the skies
  • his charming point is his friendiness.
  • have the most defined abs in the team. (just like he said) -,-
  • he’s a fast runner too.
  • Baro love dragonball and pokemon.
  • his ideal girl is someone who he can speak with and understand.
  • Baro is A kid that always looked forward to activities
  • He got into the school council within 1 week after returning to school, got into the school fest council, he also got into the comedy circle during High school.
  • During the DJ DOC’s concert there was a part where the audiences could show their skills, Jinyoung, Shinwoo and Baro went up. Even though Jinyoung and Shinwoo got the attention, Baro didn’t do anything. so he felt it was fun yet saddening.
  • He like to be interesting and to make people laugh
  • Things he want to do on a day with fans: Go play in an amusement park, sit rollercoaster ride, and eat cotton candy!
  • Favourite movie: Saving Private Ryan
  • Habit he need to change: Peeling his lips (and unknowingly he started to do it again only to be stopped by CNU)
  • Song he always listen to recently: TYGA’s Far Away
  • First thing he does when you wake up: Stretching
  • Something he must always has in his bag: Spectacles
  • he like a girl who can communicate well with him and would understand him at all times.
  • Thing he need to do before he sleep: Applying skincare products *cough*
  • Animal he think he’s most alike to: Squirrel (All people approve this… ^^)
  • Favourite food: Chicken.. Anything with chicken (huge emphasis)
  • Thing he’s most scared of: Ghosts (Jinyoung patted Baro’s shoulder slightly when he answered that ^^)
  • Thing he hate most: Bugs (with a killer look in his eyes) xD
  • Favourite body part: Thighs
  • Baro think that his rapping voice which is different from how he look is really charming.
  • Baro’s dream: I hope to do a solo B1A4 concert.
“I have a message to send to my fans. Thank you for giving us excessive love. We always gather up together and wonder. What should we do to show a better stage to our fans. What event would be good. We’re preparing to show a bit to the fans. Although I don’t know how to express everything in words, I’m really thankful and I’ll work harder to show a better side! Thank you.”
‘Since we’ve done well up to here without any problems, let’s continue to pull through in the future! Fighting~’ -Pineapple Baro-
I am inspired by the raps of Tiger JK, the pride of Korean Hip-Hop, as well as hip-hop legends Lil Wayne and Tyga. I watch their videos everyday to learn from their splendid performances and techniques. However, our concept is very different from hip-hop so I haven’t been able to show the hip-hop style that I really like. If we do go into that concept, I will show you. I promise~!”
I will produce raps that are of Baro’s colour for everyone.”
“I will be B1A4’s Baro on stage and off-stage, I will show you the true image of the ordinary Cha Sun Woo.”

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