Oh gosh, I love craft

Assalamualaikum and hye there.

Today im forever alone in my room. My roomates all got to their home sweet home and go out with her bro. Fortunately, she lend me her laptop and I plans to watch korean drama Boy Over Flower. Before that, Im going to google everything that I want. And I found one channel in Youtube that catch my eyes and I havent turnof f my wifi because or her! Okay, why am I saying with broken English? Lets me speak in Malay though.

Nama dia Becky Bachii. Dia baru berumur 17 tahun! Gosh, that sweet little girl really makes me jealous of her! Hampir semua video dia aku tengok. She likes to crafting like I do! Tapi, dia punya lagi advance lah. I swear. Macam mana dia ada banyak masa untuk buat craft tu semua sedang kan dia masih belajar.

Since I love craft too, I'll try to make a simple craft... okay okay, before this I have been done lots of craft. I did it is just for fun. I make it to myself.. haha so, after I travelled in the internet, aku bercadang untuk buat sesuatu yang produktif. Make craft and sale it for instance.

Selama ni aku just fikir pasal felt craft je. Felt craft felt craft and another felt craft. Because my brain is not creative enough.(take an architect course and not creative haha yeah right). So, bila cuti semester tiba aku bercadang untuk memulakannya WITH my family support. And I know its cost a lot of money. I hope my 'business' runs smoothly. Here are Becky Bachii craft that I adore :3 =

this maybe were made up of clay.. emm i don't know


Ouh, I almost forgot. There's a blog that I adore too. She made felt craft and I just love her craft. Her name is Asma
Here are her felt craft


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