HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY B1A4! From ur BANA (Naruha Atsuko)

My first heart on you is on OK song. well, that your first song of all and your debut song. that time, I just only know that theres a group named B1A4. to me, you guys just ordinary group. when i ask my friend about your song? she say nice. OK. then, i try to heard your song. first itme i heard, there was no attractive to me. it not pay my attention. then, i replay the song a few times.. on that time, there's a BIG LOVE come out from my eyes. teehee. :]

the time i try to know you guys, i try to remember you guys name. the most i know to reconized is CNU. you know why? because of his spectacle. Baro is the next one. because he used tu wore a hat on his head. the extremely hard to reconize is Sandeul, Jin Young and Gongchan. you guys face is very similar. i have to at so close view to reconize them. haha now,just look at one eyes , i know who is he and who is he..

thgen your hot song is 'only learned bad thing'. i just love it. then you comeback with ' beautiful target' Ahhh!~ i wish i that woman in that MV. started from that song, ypur fans were increased in very high rate!  when i ask someone " when you love B1A4?" they usually give answer like this " since beautiful target song" and now, you comeback with 'baby i'm sorry'(i'm forgive you XD) but, there's song that i love too.. all your songs.. 
  • wonderful tonight
  • fooool (most liked)
  • only one
  • this time is over
  • remember
  • bling girl
  • my love
  • sky
  • chu chu chu
then, watch all episode in MATCH UP! MTV.. aigoo! you guys are soo funny even in episode one.
your album that:
Studio Albums
  • 2012: IGNITION
Repackaged Albums
  • 2012: TBA
EPs (Extended Plays)
  • 2011: Let's Fly
  • 2011: it B1A4
Digital Singles

i've to see with almost go out eyes saw others own your album. i wish i had that too. but, as a student, i can't afford it unless use my parent money. but, i wish my parent give me to us thier money to your album but not study. :( 

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