Go Go Go.. Gongchan!!
Okay, nowdays everyone think has a penfriend is LAME.. I think it is too.. because, i think i difficult to keep in touch with other country people..

Another is usually,penfriend use say 'hey' though letters and it's soo old fashion right. you know recently, I open omegle website.. Usually, i got indian or american guy.. but i'm not intrested of them.. i'm intrested with korean and japanese..huhu

luckily, that day was my lucky day.. I was chat with a japanese girl! I was 'OMG!'.. that is my dream come true..

her name is Aya Fukui.. from Tokyo, Japan and she is 19 years old.. We're keep in touch through email..haha i thought my mail wouldn't use forever because, to me it's easy to contact our friend through Facebook right? But, Aya-san has no facebook..:( Japan not famous with facebook.. the important is, we talk in japanese a little bit.. it's to improve my japanese you know?

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