Loreal Paris

If we talk about Loreal Paris. it's always about hair..
I've use the shampoo BEFORE
and AFTER I use it, my head started have a lot of dandruff
Arghh.. I hate it when I have to scratch me head every seconds
I thought that shampoo is suitable for everyone
now I used Clean & clear (is the spell right?)
haha everyone knows it's for dandruff.. T_T

I had a conversation with my dad recently
He: Kakak, dah tengok sampai habis tak cerita Alamak Toyol semalam?
Me: Dah..
He: Best tak?
Me: Best..
He: Along dan Angah mati tak?
Me: tak de lah.. Mana ada mati.. orang jahat tu je lah yang mati
He: Yeke diorang tak mati?
Me: Ye
He: Habis tu, Along mati tak?
Me: Tak lah
He: Habis tu, Angah mati?
Me: Tak lah.. Dua-dua tak mati
He: Sape yang mati?
Me: orang jahat tu....... la....
Penat betul nak terang kan..haha I had explain it twice! 

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