Dah lama tak post pasal B1A4.. Seperti yang semua BANA tahu, mereka telah keluarkan album penuh mereka!! The title? it's ignition.. so, the famous song now is "BABY I'M SORRY" I haven't heard the song yet.. but, i'm sure it's awsome.. B1A4 of course(proud)..haha tak baik bangga..

nak cakap banyak pasal ni. but, i'm lack of knowledge about this. so, i'll show you their recently pic..emm~~ or.. photoshot? yeah!~

In my opinion, they looks really different than before.. emm maybe more matured?

Gongchan: Look very mature..aigoo~(U_U)

Jin Young : Like usual, you looks so handsome..Ahhhh (- -")
Baro: Still cute with the hairsyle.. (>_<)
Sandeul: Does not look childish.. O_o
CNU: Very different from before.. (@_@)

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