Vouge Magazine interview with B1A4

Recently, a magazine called vouge magazine had interview B1A4.. let's us see the question..

Q1: The three most important things in your life …
Q2: Words that make you happiest …
Q3: If you were to express your feelings right now …
Q4: An item you cannot resist to buy
Q5: Something that makes you fall in love with a girl … 
Q6: Three hopes about your girlfriend …
Q7: List three of your favorite recently played songs 
Q8: Tell us a secret you have never revealed anywhere else before.
Q9: The three people you most respect and like the most …
Q10: Your life motto ..
let we see what our maknae said about it

1. Family, food, all the people I have crossed paths with these past 19 years.
2. As long as you keep try harder, your dreams will come true.
3. Whether there is anything, as long as I try my hardest no matter what. But I don’t know what should be done first, and I also don’t know how it will turn out.
4. An item that fits/looks nice on the girl I like.
5. Someone who normally picky, very cold, someone who’s hard to talk to. But when she is with me, she likes to do lots of aegyo for me.
6. Think about me 100 times everyday, put our couple picture in her wallet, and use words/actions that only we understand (t/n: “a secret language”)
7. Cho Kyuchan’s “I’ll Give You Everything,” Noel’s “I Miss You,” Sung Sikyung’s “You are So …”
8. Nobody has ever seen me when I speak with or imitate an accent. Only in the dormitories would we speak in various accents.
9. My grandparents, my parents, and senior Shin Seunghyun.
10. Never forget your heart’s initial desires!

1. Family, music, and my new family - B1A4
2. You are really hardworking.
3. Very rushed, like it seems like everything needs to be quick and be immediately done.
4. Music-related equipment
5. A girl that can make me feel her feminity no matter what she does and no matter what the circumstances are.
6. Someone who will only love me, who won’t lie, and wouldn’t hang the phone aside.
7. The Black Eyed Peas’ “Love You Long Time,” Jay-Z & Kayne West’s “Lift Off,” and Wiz Khalifa’s “Roll Up.”
8. If you look very carefully, my pinky finger is crooked.
9. My parents, Will.I.Am, Admiral Lee Sunshin
10. No matter where and when, I must be a modest and down-to-earth person.

1. Family, B1A4, and my family again.
2. I’ll buy delicious food for you! I’ll treat you to eat!
3. Excited & anticipating what is ahead of me in the future. So definitely excitment is a must!
4. A pair of wooden-framed glasses.
5. A faithful girl that does her best in everything she does.
6. Someone who won’t stay out too late (because I’ll worry), someone that will prepare my lunchboxes, and someone to share happiness in the things I do.
7. Kim Dongryul’s “An Old Song,” The Ray’s “Sounds of the Heart,” and Brian McKnight’s “6, 8, 12.”
8. I don’t tell people what I don’t like about my body. I have flat feet.
9. Senior Kim Yeonwoo, my parents, and Eric Benet.
10. Don’t regret anything.

1. Family, music, sleep.
2. Someone telling me: “It’s on me!”
3. Chaos. I was thinking of eating before the shoot, but I never would have thought that I was just able to eat one whole banana. I’m quite worried, we ordered good food …
4. Caps and shoes. I really like them. It’s hard to clearly say why that is, but there are somethings that should be mine!
5. A girl with nice teeth when she smiles.
6. We must kiss before we separate. We will run 100m together (two lovers holding hands, running 100m in less than 15 seconds). And when she texts, we will become even cuter and do more aegyo.
7. Yang Donggun’s “Shoulders,” The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa,” and Lil Wayne’s “How to Love.” 
8. The hair on my legs grows super quickly.
9. Steve Jobs, my parents, King Sejong.
10. I have to do my best in everything.

1. My memories, family, music.
2. You can actually go become a gagman.
3. Excited. This Christmas, I’ll be celebrating with lots of people.
4. Clothes, shoes, glasses.
5. A girl who has a very understanding heart, who’s wise, someone like my mom.
6. Someone who only treats me very well, someone who won’t fake a small appetite, but rather someone who can eat, and can make me food.
7. Usher’s “Simple Things,” Stevie Wonder’s “Blue Moon,” Drake’s “Take Care.”
8. Even though I can’t let everyone see, but I don’t have a lot of body hair. 
9. Michael Jackson, Usher, Ban Ki Moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations)
10. Don’t rationalize/justify your own excuses. (t/n: Literal translation: Don’t let things be rational.)

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