Sandeul's explosion of tweets in middle of the night

Nampaknya Sandeul si hyper bertweet macam tak ada hari esok.. there're many picture that his capture of his member group except CNU and Channie..

"Jinyoung hyung", I called out to him.

Seems like Jinyoung hyung got the feel today. Baro and him are both excited ㅋ

Jinyoung hyung, when is it my turn?! I'm starting to feel sleepy ㅋ

I wore spectacles!!!!!!!!!!

Jinyoung hyung's hand, my arm and Baro's pants. The practice room.

Jinyoung hyung refused to look at me even when I called out to him so insteadㅋ He (Baro) doesn't have the expensive feelㅋ
"Baro-ya", I called out to him.

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