"i'm Your Boyfriend"

Yeah!! It's Boyfriend! I'm your boyfriend is a lyrics actually..
And yes I love them cause the twins especially Jo Young Min.. The blonde one (the one who hold 'boy' word)
I like him because of his charming smile.. although his twin Jo Kwang Min do not have charming smile like him..hehe
The Boyfriend has a song called BOYFRIEND too!
The dance are sooo cute you know..AHHH!!!
Just just like want to scream.. (-_-")
Ahhh! the twins Jo Kwang Min and also Jo Young Min
Which one do you like the most? Kwang Min or Young Min???

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Kim Hyo Gun said...

my ouh my!!
they all looks SUPER DUPER CUTE mey!! :DD
fall in love!! <3
daisuki yo & sarangheyo!!