Still/ As Ever (English Subs)

Sa rang eun a nil geo ra go
It wasn’t supposed to be love
Jeol dae ro a nil go ra go
It was never supposed to be
Mae beon sog yeo wat ji man nae mam eun ja kku neo rreur bu reu go
I fooled myself many times before, but my heat keeps on calling you
Han geor eum do mang chyeo bo go han geor eum mir eo nae bwa do
Before I tried to run away I tried to push a step away
Geu reor su rog neon nae an e keo jeo ga goiss eo
But even then you were growing bigger inside me
Geu man keum sa rang ha na bwa geu man keum gi da ri na bwa
I must love you this much I must wait for you this much
#geu to rog a peu ge hae do nae mam eun neor tteo nar sue opt na bwa
No matter how much it hurts, my heart can’t leave you
*sa rang eun ha na in ga bwa
There must be one love
Nae mam eun byeon chi an na bwa
My heart won’t change
Neor hyang hae ji kyeo on sa rang I je neun da man ar su it da go
The love I protected for you, now I can tell you everything
Tte tteut han neo iu nun bic tta tteut han neo ui sa rang i
Your warm eye expression Your warm love
Dar a nar su rog nae an e keo jyeo ga go iss eo
You are growing bigger inside me
Neo do nar sa rang haet na bwa neo do nar gi da ryeot na bwa
You must have loved me You must have waited for me
Repeat #
Neor sa rang hae
I love you
Ttae ro neun sa rang I hog eun nun mur i
Sometimes love, or tears will cause problems for us
Sa rang hae sa rang hae gyeot en neo man iss eu myeon dwae
I love you, I love you I just need you next to me
Yeo jeon hi sa rang ha na bwa
I must still love you
Yeo jeon hi gi da ri na bwa
I must be waiting for you
Meo ri reur sog ye obo a do ga seum eun sog ir su neun eopt na bwa
I could fool my mind, but not my heart
Repeat *
Neor sa rang hae
I love you
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